North Pole Postal Service

Welcome to the North Pole Post office and mail services by appointment to Father Christmas.

TNPPO are one of the busiest postal departments the World has ever seen! The postal service elves sprinkle each envelope, postcard and package with a pinch of stardust (only visible to elves and pixies) and tie them up with candy cane ribbons (these often fall off in delivery, sigh!) and then woooosh your deliveries go soaring through the constellations, guided by the brightest stars until they reach their destination.

They work meticulously with the department for rewards and recognition (The Naughty and Nice list) and the department for petitions and requisitions (Letters to Father Christmas / wish lists).

Here at Mrs. Brimbles we have been intrusted with selling their exquisite postal service products. We are dedicated to the work of the North Pole, their unwavering dedication and impeccable service, and we therefore promise that we will ensure that these magical items reach the right hands with the same enchanting grace as the elves themselves.

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