Mrs Brimbles is Anna and Anna is Mrs Brimbles and both terms are used interchangeably! That is just the crazy world that is Mrs Brimbles.

Anna is a mixed media artist with a love of life, of curiosity, of whimsy and well most things!

The Mrs Brimbles website and business was born from a love of all things stationery, journal and planner!

Anna lives with her very understanding high school sweetheart husband and their two crazy guinea pigs and three nutty bunnies. Anna loves yoga, herbal tea and all things that don’t quite fit the norm!

In fact Mrs Brimbles is just a nickname given to Anna when she first married Mr B. He started calling her that and it well, just kind of stuck.

Anna says:

“I have kept a journal for years and years, both written and visual, before I even really knew that there was a genre called ‘art journalling’ to me it was just my journal and in that journal I use what ever media I fancy. I don’t like defining my journal as an art journal or a smash book it is just a journal and it is as much a part of me as my left arm is!  I am also a planner and have been so for years too much like art journalling and I love being a part of the planner community.”