Letter from Father Christmas / Santa Claus V001




Date will be December of the current year

A beautiful letter from Father Christmas delivered magically on the North Wind to your believer!

A4 in size: 210 x 297 mm Printed on 160gsm smooth white paper. C6 envelope – White and as crisp as the North Pole snow. The letter itself is a set letter and not customisable however you can personalise this as below:

Please let us know:

1. Your child or children’s full names. The first name(s) will be used on the letter and the full name will be used on the envelope

2. Who the letter is from – is it Father Christmas, Santa Claus or something else.


1. A present you would like written in the p.s. section of the letter

2. The ‘address’ that you would like on the envelope. This can be your real address or a magical imaginary address – entirely up to you!


* The letter will arrive to the person and address supplied at purchase in a brown envelope with NO hint at all of what is inside – just a boring grown ups letter! It is down to you the grown up to ‘magically’ deliver the letter to your believer. Maybe your elf would like to do this one day? Your believer could find it in the tree or on the doormat – the limit is your imagination! Of course it can be sent directly addressed to the receipient but it will be plain as above. The choice is yours!

* We will copy and paste the personalisation you have given us so please check the spelling of the name you wish to appear before purchase. Please also ensure you have put any capitals in the correct place and hyphens etc – we will simply copy and paste what you write and will not check! You must request the personalisation at the time of ordering in the comments / notes section of the order. We cannot personalise with requests via email / message after the purchase.

* Each letter is hand stamped by Father Christmas himself (or his helper) so they may not be 100% perfect and there may be a few wax blobs here and there but I hope you will agree with us here at The North Pole that this just adds to the charm, character and authenticity of the piece.

* Colour of wax and picture stamped in the wax may vary from the ones shown, as may the colour of twine or ribbon used but rest assured it will all look festive for your believers.

* You choose whether it is from Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Père Noël etc. Just tell us in the message comments who you would like it from, if there is no note we will choose for you. We cannot personalise with requests via email / message after the purchase.

Brand / Supplier: Mrs Brimbles