Christmas Joke Fortune Teller



PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE BASED IN THE UK – PLEASE ORDER IN PLENTY OF TIME! Deliveries to the US can take between 2-4 weeks, sometimes longer in busy festive periods!

The Christmas Joke Fortune Teller will be sent flat for ease of postage and will require your assembling upon receipt. You could make this up to put in the Christmas Eve box etc or get the children to do it (you may need to help them if they don’t know).

Cut the teller out and remove the excess card.
Fold the teller in half horizontally.
Open and then fold the teller in half vertically.
Place the picture side face down and fold each corner point into the centre. The questions will now be face up.
Turn the teller back over so the questions are on the bottom. Fold each corner point into the centre.
Fold in half and then fold in half again. Your teller is ready, you just need to ‘fluff’ it out a bit.

How to use the teller:

Person 1 – Put your forefinger of each hand into one main design square and your thumbs into another.
Ask your partner (person 2) to select an image
Person 1 – Open and close the teller as many times as there are letters in the name of the image.
Person 1 – then asks person 2 to choose another picture (one of the smaller inside ones.
Person 1 – then reads out the joke and then you lift the flap to reveal the answer.