Marblous Marble



I love to marble! I am a self confessed marbling addict. I say addict as I find it is a very addictive process, you find yourself lost and mesmerised in beautiful swirly inkiness and once you have created one beautiful marbled paper, you find in no time at all you have used up an entire paper pad and then start looking around your home at what else you could possible marble!

Marble papers make beautiful papers for your art journal and other crafty projects so why not join me on my mini class and learn how to marble using marbling inks.

Included in the course are two free bonus lessons on other simple techniques for marbling which I think you will enjoy.

This course is suitable for beginners with no experience of art through to seasoned artists who just want to have fun with marbling who haven’t perhaps thought of adding this technique to their art before. This course is self paced so you can go entirely at your own speed.

You will have access to this course for life. If for any reason we need to terminate access you will be given adequate notice.

Accessing the course

Once payment has been made and processed via PayPal you will receive an order confirmation via email. Just under the section that tells you what you have ordered you will find a clickable link with the heading of the course you have purchased. Click on that link and it should take you straight to your courses home pages. Once you are on your courses homepage you will then be able to go in and access your course. In the course you will find clickable lessons for you to access. Alternatively you can access the course by going to: although please do bear in mind that there might be a slight time delay as PayPal processes your payment. Once you have had your receipt your access is live immediately. if you have any problems please do contact us.