Letter from Santa & Nice List Combo




This reduced price combination package of letter and nice list certificate available from 17TH – 20TH NOVEMBER. THESE WILL BE DESPATCHED BY 30TH NOVEMBER 2023

PLEASE NOTE neither the certificate nor the letter will be personalised. The Nice list certificate will have a line for you to write your own name on and the letter will be addressed ‘dear friend’. If you would like  personalised option please check out the range here.

Date will be December of the current year. Other Nice List certificates also available.

A4 in size: 210 x 297 mm Printed on 320gsm handmade paper with a ‘rough’ or ripped looking edge and a dusting of glitter magic!

* Package will arrive to the person and address supplied at purchase in a brown envelope with NO hint at all of what is inside – just a boring grown ups letter! It is down to you the grown up to ‘magically’ deliver the contents to your believer.

* Each letter is hand stamped by an elf so they may not be 100% perfect and there may be a few wax blobs but I hope you will agree with us here at The North Pole that this just adds to the charm, character and authenticity of the piece.

* Colour of wax and picture stamped in the wax may vary from the ones shown, as may the colour of ribbon used but rest assured it will all look festive for your believers.

* You choose whether it is from Santa Claus or Father Christmas! – Please let us know in the comments section of your order. If nothing is chosen it will default to Father Christmas. I’m afraid we cannot accept changes after the order has place so please double check your order before clicking the confirm button!

The letter will be supplied to you ‘flat’ with ribbon for you to roll and tie for that authentic look.

Please note, the ribbon supplied may vary to that shown in the photograph but it will be either a season red, green or gold.

Father Christmas types his letters on his vintage typewriter so there is often blots and blobs and smudges of ink especially around the edges – the Elves in the North Pole Post Office aren’t much tidier  – as you can imagine they have a lot to send so we cut them some slack but we think the imperfections add to the charm, I mean these are “hand signed” individually afterall.