Garden Birds Brimbles Box



This is a one off purchase and not a subscription. If you would like to sign up for a subscription you can do so PayPal. Please go to the Brimbles Box homepage and subscribe via the PayPal button. Subscribers do get an additional ‘free’ item in their box that one off purchases do not receive.

This box is in stock and available to despatch within our usual shipping policies.

Please note: ‘physical’ product images are taken on a grey day under tungsten light, to give you a better idea of what they would look like.

Box Contents:

1 x A5 sticker sheet with illustrations

1 x A5 sticker sheet with word labels

2 x A4 card, 200gsm to cut up and use as dashboards in your planners, travelers notebook covers, and any other way you creatively use card.

1 x vellum sheet

1 x pack of die cut 200gsm card shapes

1 x pack of journal cards. 200gsm, single sided.

1 x pack of tags for journals, planners and scrapbooking