Adventure Journaling

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What is an adventure and Why Keep an adventure journal?

Author: anna

Adventures can be big or they can be small. They could cost a lot or nothing at all! Each one of us could potentially agree and disagree as to what constitutes an adventure but the important thing to bear in mind is that it is YOUR adventure so if you consider it to be one then of course it is! let me talk you through it.

Where to go on your adventure

Author: anna

So you’ve got your journal all ready to go and you want to get out there but where do you go? What adventure do you have? In some cases you will already know this as you will have a holiday booked or in the pipeline but maybe not in others. Remember an adventure is anything that you want it to be so if a trip to your local playpark with a picnic is your adventure then fabulous!

Adventure Supplies and choosing your journal

Author: anna

OK so let’s talk supplies because most of us love to look at yummy supplies. I actually really like to take photos of my supplies whilst I am out and about journalling. We all love supplies and some of us have more than others but when it comes to supplies for adventure journalling you really don’t need many. In fact less is most definitely more!

Tips and Tricks

Author: anna

I just wanted to impart a couple of my little tips and tricks with you. These are things that I do all the time in my journal and they have become invaluable to me and they may end up being the same way for you too!

Prep before you go!

Author: anna

Time is quite a precious thing particularly when you are off out on your adventures. We want to document the moments and the goings on of the day but we also want to be present, living it in real time because that is the most precious bit of all.

Come camping with us

Author: anna

Come with us on our camping adventures and you can see how I incorporate journalling into my weekend.

Bon Voyage

Author: anna

Well we have unfortunately come to the end of our course but I hope more than anything that this course has inspired you to firstly get out there and have some adventures but also to document them too. Most importantly I want you to have fun with your creativity.

Watercolour your World

Author: anna

When it comes to your journal pages and recording and documenting your adventures you don’t just have to use photographs, stickers and ephemera in your journal. Adding your own artwork in is not only a really pleasurable experience but it makes your journal so much more uniquely you and yours and I hope to inspire you to have a go especially if this is something that you wouldn’t perhaps think to do.

Adventure Sketching

Author: anna

I love to watercolour in my journals but I also really like to sketch too! Again, just like with the watercolours I do urge you to just have a go.